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When you get invited to become an Amazon vendor all the ecommerce lights go on and a bright future awaits you. You’ve worked hard to build your retail business over many years and finally you’ve been recognised as the success you know you are by the biggest online retailer on the planet; they finally want a piece of what you’ve got. All of the above is true, but what no-one will have told you is it can be a challenging transition.

We’re here to make that transition a seamless experience.

Our passion for the digital revolution translates to a pragmatic drive for Amazon vendor channel growth that’s never at the expense of your brand and it’s hard-earned values. The data driven, nurturing approach we take delivers a forward thinking mindset always working to strengthen, and enhance, your brand, it’s values and bottom line.

Welcome to Vendor+

James Wakefield – CEO WAKE Commerce

Vendor Challenges

Sales & Revenue Insights

Or rather the lack of insight. All too often you’re left to your own devices to to draw assumptions from data that’s not always clear, and very often not even there. You need to know where your profit is by category and sub-category. Amazon controls your data.

Amazon Solution

Better known as, where’s my Amazon vendor manager? unreturned calls, lack of direction, no real learning trajectory available and no access to meaningful data like Shipped COGS and Units, Amazon and Vendor Margins and comparison metrics. Amazon still owns your data.

Vendor+ Enhanced Solution

Accurate, detailed and reliable insights to your Amazon sales and performance across all your properties including revenue and profitability. Daily, weekly and monthly comparative, and actionable, insights that deliver real growth that you control. You own the data.

Stock Forecasting

Otherwise known as ‘how do I plan for Amazon PO’s’. In a word you can’t because it’s so difficult to wrangle the available data that Amazon provide, you can never really be on top of it. The result? lost revenue and lost profits and no ‘just in time’ stock management.

Amazon Solution

Where’s my data? is the call we hear most because there really isn’t any available, or easy to get at, that will give you any power over your stock and purchase order management. The nightmare continues with PO’s unfulfilled resulting in lost revenue and profit.

Vendor+ Enhanced Solution

We repeat the same mantra – get control of the data in an actionable form and all the other moving parts fall into place. With detailed, accurate forecasts derived from real data our actionable reports provide everything you need to deliver maximum stock ROI.

Typical Vendor+ enhanced solution 12 month growth trajectory

Tracked against a basket of client products

Purchase order diagram

Vendor Challenges

Revenue Leakage

Unless you take control it will never stop: price competition, lost Buy Box, replenishment issues, the revenue just seems to disappear, and what can you do about it? It’s one thing to know what’s happening, it’s another to know what to do about it.

Amazon Solution

Not a lot of help here, unless of course you helped to design Vendor Central. And even if you did, you never get a full picture on a single page, in a single report, with all the relevant data you need to start plugging the leaks. Unlike Offa’s Dyke no-one wants to plug this hole for you.

Vendor+ Enhanced Solution

Knowing where the leaks are is your starting point. Using our Vendor+ data platform to identify leakage and where to plug the gaps with fine grain reporting is step two, step three are our actionable platform insights that enable you to regain control of your financials. 

Traffic & Conversion

Like any other Ecommerce channel your revenue and profit rely on conversion ratios and understanding how to drive ratio growth. If you can’t access meaningful data to inform your conversion marketing decisions progress can stall.

Amazon Solution

As we’ve said before, the data is there if you know where to look and have the time and expertise to extract actionable insights. There are no Vendor central tools to help you so you’re on your own again trying to draw conclusions from the ether.

Vendor+ Enhanced Solution

Our consultant led approach to understanding data-driven conversion growth will get you on the right track immediately. Our Vendor+ platform collates data around every aspect of your Amazon store and delivers actionable insights that drive higher conversion rates.

ASIN Detective

Imagine a single view of any SKU that shows you all it’s data. 

Nothing hidden # instant access

100% Data on any SKU – INSTANTLY

When you look for data in Vendor central it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

With ASIN Detective we’ve found the needle and organised the hay into a neat roadmap ready for you to both see your ASIN data clearly, and take decisive action if you need to. Listings not performing, too many chargebacks, too much revenue leakage – see it all at a glance just waiting for you to take any necessary action.

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