Intelligent demand forecasting with WAKE Vendor Forecast

Our intelligent demand forecasting frees up your capital resources and enables smart future revenue planning.

Demand Forecasting

The WAKE Vendor Intelligence™ Platform will forecast your PO schedule over the next 180 day cycle

Lost Sales Analysis

Is your PO schedule out of sync, and are you losing sales as a result? Forecast+ will help you get back in control

Free up Resources

Forecast+ will enable you to flatten out the curve of PO scheduling and free up much needed resources

Profit Opportunies

Having the right stock at the right time is essential to managing an upward revenue/profit trajectory

Lose the spikes and troughs of your PO schedule with Forecast+

We use the WAKE Vendor Intelligence™ Platform to forecast an accurate PO schedule helping you remove the surprises from Amazon PO’s.

Their sophisticated stock demand forecasting has completely changed how we plan for stock purchasing.  We now have a clear trajectory for long-term growth of this channel with WAKE providing most of the data, strategy and implementation

Richard Belford

Sales Director, Simba Toys

Do you know what % of sales you're losing from unfulfilled PO's?

The WAKE Vendor Intelligence™ Platform helps us forecast 180 days forward schedules that keep your PO’s fulfilled at a much higher ratio = less sales leakage.

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Free valuable resources for Amazon business expansion plans

Not only will you free up valuable resources by flattening your PO curve: those resources can be used to promote your increased sales with Amazon ad spend, always a winner.

My company represents several health & beauty brands in the UK and WAKE has worked with us to launch three new product ranges on Amazon.  Their approach to the platform is very brand orientated whilst being grounded in solid research of the current marketplace and opportunities.  We recognise that Amazon is a unique channel and a strategic partner with the right expertise is essential to succeed.  We’ve seen outstanding results so far and plan to roll out additional ranges in the coming months now that the business model has been proven

Shaun Christie

SMLC Consultancy

Forecast+ delivers a complete range of forecasting options

Forecast+ and the WAKE Vendor Intelligence™ Platform scrutinises your entire store data for revenue, profit and efficiency opportunities. 

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