Amazon Brand Amplification ensures you're in control of your own story

At WAKE we think your story is the most important one and deserves attention wherever it’s told. Our communication specialists manage your interactions with all eCommerce related media.

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Tell your Amazon Brand story, before someone else does

In today’s online economy visitors and customers alike are smarter in every way. People research you, your business, and your products, they want to know the why, when, what, where and how of you. It’s our job to help them read your story by telling it correctly, in the right language, with the right emotion and with authenticity.

Communications Strategy

We’ll put together, with you, a comprehensive communications strategy that reflects your business goals and purpose, we’ll also ensure your business ethic are reflected in all communications.

Narrative Development

To tell your story effectively we’ll develop an overarching business narrative that is consistent with your business goals. We’ll ensure every communication your business puts out is clear and consistently reflects this narrative.

Positioning & Messaging

For any communications to be effective you need to position yourself correctly. There’s no point in talking to audiences that don’t fit your narrative. We’ll make sure you’re talking to the right people, at the right time, in the right language.

Media Relations

Consistent messaging is key, and any leakage can create real problems in trying to deliver consistency. We manage all press and media liaison for you ensuring your messaging is consistently delivered to the right people. 

Social Media Marketing

Like a hot wind in July, Social Media is everywhere. It’s become one of the most effective channels for your story, but also one of the most unstable. It’s vital these channels are managed with a delicate touch.

Content Strategy and Creation

We read everywhere “content is king”, this may well be true but recent surveys show that over 90% of content is not consumed by anyone. Words, Images, and Videos need to be crafted for consumption, not vanity. We can make this happen.

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